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Transformational Healings
All healing begins with the heart. Releasing emotions will eliminate the physical pain changing the cause of the emotion will heal the illnesses. Improve your health, Relieve pain, Eliminate negative behavior, Embrace who you truly are, Find your purpose in life. Healing’s are available in person or via phone.
Call for apppointment (914)2430957 1hour $150 1/2 $90
Transformational Coaching
Feeling lost? stuck? want to change your life and don’t know where to begin? Experiencing, sadness, anger, fear, betrayal or loneliness that is keeping you from enjoying life?  Have a session with a certified Transformational healer and start mapping out your future. Release old patterns creating pain and illness in your life and begin living the life you deserve.
1 hr $100 includes Navigating your life book and cards 1/2  hr $60
Karma Readings
Our Karma, good or bad, is the effect we cause with our actions and thoughts. Take charge of your life and create good  Karma. Learn what karma you created and how to release and change these actions.  Awaken my friend, from the deep slumber you have been in, regain your power, and embrace your life. Inner child work, Past life regression,
Re-patterning, connecting with loved one’s. 1 hr $100  1/2 hr $60
Healing QiGong $100
Individual QiGong instruction in person or skype customized for your healing

Reiki Healing - $100
Hands on healing with a certified Reiki Pratitioner. Balance your energy, de stress, embark on your healing path. Works great in conjunction with traditional and alternative healing modalities.

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