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Dr. Theresa Sirico
Dr. Theresa Sirico D.O. received her Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Degree from the NY College of Osteopathic medicine, Old Westbury, L.I. in 1991.  She completed her experience in hospital care in the South Bronx at St. Barnabas Hospital immediately thereafter.  Later, during subsequent 3 yrs. + of certified Family Practice Training, it became evident that in many cases, novel approaches to restoring health were beneficial to her patients. These modalities included OSTEOPATHIC SPECIALTY TECHNIQUES such as Cranio-sacral therapy, Myofascial release, Dr. Jone’s Strain/Counterstrain and others.  She trained herself in basic herbal approaches to supporting wellness, but became passionate about HOMEOPATHIC PRACTICE after completely curing her own severe respiratory viral illness in little over a day by using an OTC homeopathic complex.  This lead to 3 yrs. of deeper investigation of homeopathy at St. Francis College- at the School of Homeopathy of New York, in Brooklyn, NY; not to mention many conferences & endless joyful reading of seminal works by the Homeopathic masters.  I am a member of the HOMEOPATHIC MEDICAL SOCIETY of the State of NY as well as the general NYS Medical Society.  Board certifications/with required re-certifications in Family Practice in 1995, 2002, & 2010.

Ever mindful of the inherent connection between spirit, mind, feelings & body, it was natural to proceed with REIKI II certification.  Personal soul expansion with regular Chi Gong practice, working with a Transformation Healer, Vicki Lagoudis, in her specialty – Emotional Mastery & several Mystical Journeys- involving Medicine Wheel Training, (in the Q’uero Indian tradition), Light Body work, Shamanic visits to PERU- Macchu picchu, Huayna picchu mountains & Bolivia have been vital to deepening the connection to my inner guidance as a Medicine woman of the modern era.                                                                                                  Getting back to the basics of sensible whole food nutrition, reducing toxicity of the body by breath work, Alkaline/Acid balance, or the use of Crystal therapy,  along with simplifying medication lists  by using Holistic alternatives are a hallmark of my practice. My clients & I work carefully together to bring balance between conventional approaches and complementary care. LET’S MEET TOGETHER & hand tailor your unique path of Integrational healing!  As per my Peruvian experience, Haiyaya!

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