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Empowerment and Meditation Classes
As one embarks on their journey through life, you encounter many situations that will influence your life forever.  We are told to believe in ourselves, love yourself, trust our inner voice. These are words of wisdom but useless if you are not given the tools to do it. These classes are designed to give you the tools you will need to find the answers. Build self confidence, reduce stress, and learn who you really are. (Past Life regression, Meditation, Aura Reading, Working with Crystals, Chanting, Drumming, Chakra Healing, Pendulum Work, Theta Healing, Subtl Body Aligning and more!)
Working with the Medicine Wheel Ceremonies and Workshops
Utilize this ancient indigenous tool to increase your inner guide, connect with the moon, the seasons and the elements, get back in sync with nature for clarity, guidance and balance. Live harmoniously with the earth.
Women's Empowerment Retreats
Enjoy the support and empowerment of sisterhood in these magical, moving gatherings. Reconnect with the feminine power within. Reestablish what has been lost.
QiGong Classes and Retreats
Ancient form of martial arts combining breath work with slow movements to build stamina, lose weight, eliminate back and joint pain, reduce stress,improve health.
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