Ancient Wisdom For Modern Times

I’m so happy you’re here. 
Wherever you are in your life right now, 
I honor you for taking the time to invest in yourself.

TeachingSpirit is your opportunity to transform your entire life; professional and personal. Infuse spirituality into your day-to-day routine to maximize your true potential.
For over 30 years my passion has been to help others become the most authentic and successful versions of themselves. From physical ailments to struggles in the workplace, my goal is to give you the tools to remove the negativity from your life.  As a medicine person, my passion in life is to show you the bright light you truly are. I love seeing your highest potential and guiding you to it.  My wish is for you to live your best life. 

Take your time to explore the services TeachingSpirit offers. There are different paths you can take from personal sessions to certified year-long courses.  

I work with your spirit to heal and strengthen your mind and body.  My lifetime commitment is to help people see the best in themselves and their lives.

I am passionate about giving others the tools to step into the totality of their greatness and embrace happiness. I've created sacred space to share my love for nature and its ability to heal.

- Medicine Woman Vasiliki